Move Strong Mind strengthens your mental and emotional foundations.


It enables you to discover and use untapped potential through improved awareness, emotional clarity and ownership of choice.

We take mental training to the next level with an easy to follow 3-step process. You Will:

  • Hone Your Ability to Focus
  • Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Increase Your Physical Ability Through Mental Training

Move Strong Mind Performance Coaching is offered through web-based group coaching sessions, individual telephonic coaching and motivational public speaking highlighting the benefits of Move Strong Mind principles and practices.

Why I Created Move Strong Mind

Explore, empower and refine your skills for the one thing you have control over which is YOU.


     As an athlete of dance, I suffered emotional distress and trauma when my relentless pursuit and lack of attention to anything but my sport left me injured. I had to choose my health or my performance. I did not know what choosing my health would result in and I thought choosing my performance guaranteed pain, continued injury and a decreasing ability over time. I know I am not alone as I have heard stories of this pattern experienced by both athletes and non-athletes, at all levels and across a variety of sports and professional industries.

     When I chose my health, I gave up dance and I had no idea how to live without my sport. It’s taken over 20 years to find the tools needed to be an athlete AND excel in every area of my life.

I created Move Strong Mind to serve two purposes:

1) To empower the PEAK performance of student athletes in every area of life, with or without your sport. Move Strong Method gives you the life skills you need to successfully transition from high school and college into the real world in a fun and easy to use group coaching program. For more information on Move Strong Mind Performance Coaching for student athletes click here.

2) To inspire parents to live with the high-performance mindset and skills that make their kids successful! Let’s face it parents, we don’t take care of ourselves enough and we put our kids first too often. Finding the right balance in order to be the best person for you and your children is important to everyone’s success. For more information on Move Strong Mind Performance Coaching for parents, click here.