The Move Strong Experience

You are about to embark on an adventure to discover your inner design. The foundation of your being that brings you joy, makes you courageous and gives your life a sense of ease.

When you see and understand the design of your inner workings; your vision becomes clearer, your potential and purpose reveal themselves and you’ll discover what you are meant to contribute to the world.

Doing this work is an act of service within yourself. It is the highest service you can attain and the one that makes you capable of doing great things in the world.

Working with me is a magical path to finding you. Join me on this brave adventure as we endeavor to discover the foundation and design that give you great strength!

“Coach Jen takes me on a new adventure every time we coach. Her intuition and gentle guidance send us down new paths and possibilities that challenge me to be open, real, and vulnerable. We hit new breakthroughs every session that bring me closer to my goal of living an optimized life in every way. My coaching homework reinforces the concepts so that the adventure can continue to strengthen and integrate into my daily life.”


Move Strong Mind

A system created to strengthen your mental and emotional foundation

Move Strong Body

A strength and conditioning system conceived from dance & for dancers