Move Strong Method for BUSINESS is
Whole Life Corporate Coaching

MSM Business combines the best of Move Strong Method Principles with 3 clinically proven platforms:

Move Strong Business helps Business Owners:

  • Clarify their core values & brand message
  • Integrate core values into business model & operations
  • Infuse internal & outward communications with brand messaging

Move Strong Business helps employees from front line staff to the C-Suite face:

  • Organizational Change
  • Professional Transitions
  • Stress Management





Move Strong Business easily integrates with internal initiatives including:

  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Ergonomics & Risk Management
  • Emotional Intelligence

MSM Business services are offered via weekly classes, online group coaching, telephonic individual coaching and half or full day onsite retreats.

Our Partners Include:

Why I Created Move Strong Business

After 10 years of coaching for businesses, what I rarely see in the corporate sector is a one stop option for body and mind support.

Cutting edge organizations want to offer unique services to their Tribe, create a compelling employee support package and encourage a Whole Life Balance approach to their employees’ experience. To do this, it requires an emphasis on:


    • Mindset training with both mental and emotional facets
    • Education on strategy to help employees manage the physical stress of a sedentary day
    • Facilitating ways to express oneself that support the individual, the team and the organization

With MSM Business, organizations can offer clinically proven modalities to support the mental, emotional and physical challenges of today’s workplace with a safe, effective and whole person approach.