Move Strong Body enables you to reach Peak Physical Performance faster, easier, and with less pain.

A strength and conditioning system conceived from dance, for dancers.

Move Strong Body protocol involves a simple to follow 3-step process engaging the whole body by:

  • Preparing the body for movement
  • Improving the quality & efficiency of movement
  • Conditioning to strengthen movement patterns

Offered as a 45-60 minute group class integrated into any dance studio’s curriculum or as private group training session.

Why I Created Move Strong Body

After dancing for 15 years, I had many physical and emotional injuries, that led me to leave the world of dance. As I healed and became a trainer and performance coach, I saw how dance and its model of teaching added to my injuries. To prevent others from experiencing my fate, I saw a need for change and created the Move Strong Method to help dancers do what they love as long as possible, with as little pain as possible.