About Coach Jen

       For years my life has been a continuous cycle of devastating injury and well-fought victories. My original profession of dance ended before I was 18 years old. Riddled with injuries to my ankles, knees, hips, and spine, I suffered from chronic pain for over a decade after leaving dance. 

       Despite experiencing challenges of depression and grief for years post-dance, I turned trauma into triumph with a new career in personal training where I excelled becoming a master instructor and mentor to new fitness professionals. It was during this period, while discussing my coaching education with a former NFL player and training client, that I first realized I was not the only athlete who felt unprepared for life after sports. 

       Knowing there was more to life than just what my body could or could no longer achieve, I became a professionally certified coach through the ICF accredited Coaching Training Institute in 2008. I went on to successfully work in three of the largest gaming corporations in the world, helping over 1,000 employees find their path to health and well-being through behavioral coaching. 

       In 2014, a second wave of life challenges hit me. I experienced a devastating divorce that left me a single mom from the day my son was born and the near-death of my child at birth. Despite reignited symptoms of my previous mental health challenges; I was called to complete an MA in Transpersonal Psychology which is the psychological study of human potential. 

       By the culmination of my master’s degree, I truly understood what my journey had prepared me for. A realization that virtually everyone, besides the athlete themselves, is blind to the path of pain athletes tread at even the thought of not playing, let alone the end of their career. By following the wisdom of my journey and a divine calling, I created Move Strong Mind®, a life skills education & coaching program that empowers athletes with the leadership, emotional intelligence, and decision-making skills necessary for success in life.

       My experience as a professional Dancer, Personal Trainer, Performance Coach, and my masters in Transpersonal Psychology have given me the skills to know and understand athletes and help athletes know and understand themselves. At the heart of each human, no matter what they’ve been through, is a light that shines to lead them forward. I’m my 24-year career, I’ve been blessed to help hundreds of clients find their light and use it to navigate themselves out of darkness.

When I’m not working, I love being a mom, dancing, writing, cooking new recipes, and traveling with my family.  Jennifer Matthews | LinkedIn

“After many years of coaching, I can truly say that Coach Jen has been a foundation to my success. She is creative in her approach and pulls from a large array of methodologies to address my need of the day! She also takes the time to know me and what I respond to best to move me past those really tough challenges.”