For the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about connection and today’s blog culminates with the idea that when you connect within, it provides a clear connection to the path you are meant to take each day. You are the source of your divine work in this life and by divine I mean meant to be. If you don’t believe that you are fundamentally designed with a purpose in mind, then this week’s blog won’t suit you.

If you’ve ever had the inkling that you are meant to be doing something other then what you’re doing right now, an inkling that you feel most comfortable being in a certain role, among a certain group or that you love what you’re doing regardless of what others think; then even if you don’t know it yet, you believe that you are fundamentally designed with a purpose in mind.

The big picture of this idea is called vision work and you may have heard many prominent coaches speak of it. Moving forward with a vision takes the courage to see it, the belief that you are meant to ask for it and the will to follow what leads you to it. All of this may denote that the vision is outside of you. This is an illusion we addressed in the last blog that you can find here,

Like Merida in Disney’s animated film Brave, who follows the will-o’-the-wisps off the path she’s been given, vision work can often feel like chasing something you can’t quite catch. This is because “catching” the wisp is not the goal.

There is no magic point in vision work, awareness practices, meditation or mindfulness work that you will reach the same way you reach the end of a story. Even after transcendence or nirvana come the next experiences to behold.

Instead, connecting within yourself is a continuous journey as well as a long-term relationship. It’s a road that’s always open, forever inviting and grateful you’ve come to visit it. Like any relationship, connection within yourself takes nurturing, practice and commitment.  It doesn’t happen magically, and it doesn’t need to be work.

It does require that you believe you are worth connecting to and this is the point we are driving home today. To support this idea, we leave you with a poem to show that moving forward is best done when you slow down and connect to the natural road map that exists in you before you speed up and take action to make your vision come true.

There once was a girl name Jen

Who tried to succeed again and again

She held out hope for the day to come

When she didn’t have to wonder

How would it all get done?


For years, she tried,

To do everything right

Spending money, time and energy to bring ideas to light


Then one day something happened

Something so undeniably true

And she stopped all her trying to let the real truth come through


The real truth she discovered is about the path she treads

She learned the path was laid by others

For her to do instead


She felt strong defiance at this

She thought she’d have to fight

Until one day she realized that resistance puts out all light


That is the day she discovered it’s been there all along

The light calling her forward

The light that made her strong


It wasn’t outside, over there or up above

Oh no, instead it lived in the place that we call love


For in the heart of Miss Jen lies a passion so true

That she’s willing to reveal every fault and mistake

To be able to share it with you.


The light that guides her to see the way

Beats within her chest

It’s a passion she knows well

And a rhythm that will not rest


It beats like a drum

Like the sounding of a bell

And it’s here to tell You today that you have one as well


You have a heart rhythm that calls to you so dear

And begs for you to follow it year after year


So let today be the beginning of all you know is true,

That you’re beginning isn’t out in the world,

It’s waiting within you.


May you be blessed today with the curiosity to discover, the willingness to love and the ability to hear the beating of your drum.


Until next time,

Coach Jen