With Move Strong Method Performance Coaching, we get very curious about what guides you. Is it your beliefs? Your values? Your gut feelings or inner voice? Possibly the religion you practice, the conscious choice to be without religion or the lessons of family traditions and habits?

We ask you to look at where you are coming from and what you are influenced by when you choose a direction in life.
So often we go about our day in a routine fashion. The alarm clock goes off, the morning routine commences, work and school are completed, an evening routine ends the day and then it starts all over again!

It is easy to live in a pattern and our patterns becomes so familiar that operating any other way can seem “hard”; regardless of how much effort it actually takes. Defaulting to a pattern or consciously choosing not to change it to avoid the challenge you perceive it will take, is one common way we stay the same as life changes around us.

Right in that moment, the moment where you choose not to change the pattern because it is “hard”, is the moment when you may have lost connection with what guides you. Furthermore, you may be choosing something that isn’t in alignment with what you truly want and what drives you.

This week, please take time to notice your internal navigation system and how you are guided to make choices and take actions in the world. Where you come from, greatly affects where you end up.