There’s something about yourself that you have always known. It can get lost or covered up along the way and it’s the one thing that you are programmed to never forget; whether you’re conscious of it or not.

My knowing comes in the form of a memory given to me as a gift during a time of great grief. Yours may be a smell, a taste, a touch or a story you’ve heard along the way. No matter the form it takes, your knowing acts like an arrow, pointing to the power that exists within you. It’s a power that has always existed and its light that can never be extinguished.

When I was suffering the loss of my marriage, my mother came to visit me. She brought a video from my childhood and said she wanted me to see it. While I was not in the mood for nostalgia, she gently found a way. It was less than 2 minutes of footage. I was a child, less than 8 years old, on a beach. I was in my own world, spinning, laughing and kicking the edge of the water with my toes.

When I saw this moment from childhood, it seemed completely foreign. I had forgotten what it meant to be carefree and to feel joy. Most importantly, I had forgotten that these things came naturally to me. Seeing myself in this way made me remember and remembering this authentic spark in me contributed to MOVE STRONG’s work in the world today.

There are pieces of us that come from the teaching of others and pieces we adopt along the way. Some piece are innate; born into our bodies and expressed naturally as children. Whether you have children or simply could use a reminder of your own childhood, take a moment today to remember who you truly are. Before the world tried to shape you or you tried to conform or please others.

There’s something about you that is the way it is for a reason. It’s what makes you powerful, what calls you to get up and be you every day. We often look ahead to the future or outside of ourselves to find this spark of authenticity.

My job is to remind you that what makes you powerful is in you right now. There’s nowhere you need to go except inside.

So talk to someone who knew you when you were younger. Look at old pictures and watch videos. There’s a record that’s been kept both inside and out that will guide to see what makes you powerful naturally.