Nature’s Call – Walking for Awareness

This exercise is a self-paced contemplative walk. It is great for when you need to manage stress, take a mental break or see things from a new perspective.

The intention of this practice is to connect you to something that wants to be known.

Whether it’s a memory, a feeling or an experience; notice what you are aware of before, during and after the walk.

Follow your walk like a treasure map. Whatever you’ll discover is there waiting to be found.

To Begin:


  • Breathe: Take a moment to stop and breathe. Feel where the air goes and how it fills you up. Be aware of the in and out as you breathe. Do this until you feel ready to move This may take a few minutes.
  • Acknowledge: Acknowledge the place you have chosen. Give words of acknowledgement or gratitude before you begin. It can be as simple as, “thank you for this warm day in the park”.
  • Set an intention: An intention is a mental commitment to carry out an action. You can set your intention in writing, on your phone, in prayer or with a simple declaration of why you are on this walk today.
  • Stop and Go: Walk at your own pace, no matter how slow or how fast. Stop at points along the way more than once and repeat the breath in step 1 as part of the overall walk. If possible, spend 20-30 minutes in a state of reflective stop and


To Complete: 

  • Pause before you leave the space: Offer any thoughts or thanks for nature’s company, then leave in silence reflecting on your experience as you return. If you’ve brought materials with you, you may do step 2 before you
  • Express your reflection. This can be free writing, drawing, photography, authentic movement, clay or any other process that helps you express what you’ve discovered. Working in more than one medium is encouraged.
  • Free writing is writing without specific form for a set length of Set a timer, put pen to paper and write until the timer goes off. If you don’t know what to write, write “I don’t know what to write” until your thoughts change to something else. They always do.
  • Authentic Movement is letting your body move (with music or not) without specific thought for any kind of I recommend you follow movement with 5-10 minutes of free writing.
  • Clay is sitting with molding clay and letting your hands form a shape that represents your experience. I recommend you follow clay with 5-10 minutes of free writing.
  • Share the experience: Share what you noticed, became aware of and any discovery from today’s walk with at least one other