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Welcome to Move Strong Method, where we offer powerful online and group coaching programs that drive progress and transformation.

Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth, a business owner striving to advance, or an organization looking to develop your team, our transformative coaching is designed to help you tap into a more efficient and effective way of living and working.

Our Approach

All MSM coaching includes three fundamental skills:


The ability to choose your focus and maintain attention over time despite bias and outside influences.

Emotional Intelligence

Covers 4 key components of EIQ:

• Emotional Acknowledgment & Impact
• Purpose & Functionality of Emotion
• Response vs. Reaction
• Self-Management

Decision Making

  • How choice happens in the body
  • The importance of key choice influencers
  • What it takes to make a truly conscious choice


What if you could train your brain to get what you really want?

Using a neuroscience based step-by-step process, the Move Strong Method helps you remove the auto-pilot behaviors you’ve subconsciously subscribed to for years.

Real Results

One cohort of 18 clients said:


I react less emotionally to situations and people


I catch myself doing things automatically more often


I am better at pausing to think before taking action

Unparalleled Neuroscience-Based


Unlike other self-help programs, the Move Strong Method is firmly rooted in neuroscience.

Our process helps you harness the power of your brain to create positive shifts in your life.

You will learn to create what you want most by rewiring your habitual behaviors with new neural pathways.

Our neuroscience based method provides a safe and reliable path to personal growth and transformation.

Rewire your brain to:

Support emotional well-being

Increase focus

Improve prioritization

Make effective decisions

See what our clients say:

This course provides instruction to develop skills that help you realize your worth as a person.

Alex V. | Director of Finance

This course made me a better, more mindful, and intentional person.

Tracy D. | Sales & Marketing Consultant

This course is the first step in a journey. The basic skills learned in this virtual course are the foundation for a lifetime of success.

Liberty N. | VP Enterprise Projects

The content is clear, accessible, and easy to understand.

Lorna R. | Director, Office of Prestigious Fellowships

More Benefits

Awareness and mindfulness training is also clinically proven to*:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve sleep, immunity & focus
  • Increase positive emotions






*Effects of Mindfulness on Psychological Health: A Review of Empirical Studies – PMC (nih.gov).

Jennifer Matthews

Meet Coach Jen

Jennifer Matthews

Our name itself embodies the essence of our mission: to empower individuals and organizations to move forward with strength, purpose and resilience.

Led by our experienced and certified coach, Jen Matthews, who has over 16 years of coaching expertise and an M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology, she provides step-by-step transformative online or group coaching that equips you, your employees, and your organization with the tools needed to break through growth barriers and take charge of the direction and quality of their choices.

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